Friday, April 20, 2012

Lay Your Heartache Down

Hello Key West!

Pink Shrimp & Key Lime Pie

The Great White Heron Wants My Fish (self portrait)

Visionary Sunbather (self portrait)

Guacamole on a Brightly-Colored Tablecloth

Clownfish are the only creatures immune to the deadly, yet beautiful, sea anemones

New Year's Eve in New Orleans


to friends & family I spent the month of January down in the Florida Keys. Mostly my romping territory was the Lower Keys from Cudjoe to Key West. It was beautiful, relaxing and eye-opening. I documented the experience in 20 paintings.
After spending months in grief therapy I needed a change. Florida was perfect. I return having recovered some of my joy. People actually say I's merely the suntan.
Currently, the works are being exhibited at The Healing Arts Center in Viroqua, Wisconsin. The exhibit runs from March 28 through June 30.
(Interestingly, I picked up a copy of Georgia O'Keeffe's "Hawaii" shortly after my return. O'Keeffe had hit a hard spot and spent two months in Hawaii. She did 20 paintings, became revived. Which leads me to believe...THE TROPICS CAN HEAL YOU. If you get a chance GO.)

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